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Lorelai Decaf
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A Gilmore Girls fandom community devoted to shipping non-Luke/Lorelai pairings.
lorelai_decaf is a Gilmore Girls community dedicated to Lorelai Gilmore. The twist? The community is focused on Lorelai on her own, or in pairings other than Luke/Lorelai.


Any kind of medium may be posted to the community - including, but not limited to, fanfiction, art, icons, videos, meta and discussions.

All posts must be focused on Lorelai Gilmore, or on any Lorelai-centric pairing other than Luke/Lorelai. What does this mean? It means that fics, etc. focusing on Lorelai without a romantic pairing are fine. Ensemble fics featuring Lorelai as a main character are fine. A Chris/Lorelai fic would be fine; a fic that starts out Chris/Lorelai but ends up Luke/Lorelai would not.

That's not to say that Luke can't be included in any fics posted here, but the fic should not be focused on Luke and Lorelai. As a rule, if you could post it to javajunkies or lukelorelai, you shouldn't post it here. There may be some cases where discretion is called for; if you're unsure whether something fits here, you can contact amidalashari via email (amathela@gmail.com) or at this post. Threesome fics are acceptable, and crossovers are fine.

When posting fic, you should include the following header:

Word Count

You can post fics here or link to another journal. If you choose to post your fic in full, please post it behind a cut.

When posting icons, please post no more than three icons outside a cut. When posting fanart, videos, or other media, please use discretion when posting outside a cut.

Please tag all posts, with your username, characters, pairing, and medium ("fic," "icons," "vid," "art," etc.).

If you want to pimp the community, go ahead! If you'd like to volunteer to make graphics, let me know here.


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